Love him or hate him, Alex Ovechkin is one the greatest hockey players to have ever lived. Just about the only thing he was missing from his resume was a championship. Last night the Capitals defeated the Golden Knights in Las Vegas, and Alex finally saw his dreams come true.

So what is the best way to celebrate one the biggest achievements in all sports? Naturally, you have to hit the club. Tiesto just so happened to be playing in Las Vegas last night, and the two teamed up for a moment fans and attendees won't soon forget.

During Tiesto's set Ovechkin brought out the massive Stanley cup behind the decks and celebrated in true Vegas fashion – confetti and all. Congratulations to the Washinton Capitals for pulling f the victory. It will be interesting to see what will happen next year as the NHL is bringing in new talent fast.

Check out the video below.

Ovechkin and Tiesto Celebrate Stanley Cup Win