I was taken aback when I received a message this morning about a release on Spinnin’ Records. 

While I do love and respect , the label is known for festival-ready and mainstream/commercial EDM. If you’re reading this, then you are surely aware that Bassnectar is the complete opposite all those things. Hate him or love him, Lorin Ashton, a.k.a Bassnectar, is known for his insane performances and one the most unique production styles that the scene has ever witnessed. He is continuously looked up to as an inspiration for fans and artists alike, including myself, so I was willing to look past his label choice in order to give the brand new remix a fair chance.

Let me start f by saying that I personally think ‘s “Front to Back” is a masterpiece. It came out in August 2016 and I still listen to it to this day. Bassnectar has been known to drop the track in his sets, so it’s apparent that he’s been a fan it as well. The gritty synths, echoed vocals and melodic bassline made it one the most stand-out tracks last year.

My clear fondness for the original release made me eager to hear Bassnectar’s twist on it. I actually dropped everything that I was doing in order to listen; my expectations were high. Starting with what are maybe transposed vocals and a very subtle chord addition, the intro is almost exactly the same in structure, but about half a minute shorter–and i’m not sure why because the drop could have been held f on entirely.

Bassnectar has taken a work art and altered it into something that sounds how my music sounded when I first began producing. (For reference: is a Flume edit I made in my first week  producing, which is basically a sped-up version “Insane” with a few additional samples. Keyword: edit.) Similarly, Bassnectar has sped up “Front to Back” with a few whoops and whistles, which has resulted in a piece work that I would have never expected from someone his caliber. The only saving grace here is that the portion the remix available is only a preview, so he has the ability to completely shock us with something that is more than a sped up version the original with obnoxiously placed vocal samples.

Considering his similarly disappointing remix for Joker’s “Midnight,” things aren’t looking promising. His 2014 remix the Kapsize release was a minimally altered version the original, with re-mixed saw chords and a potentially faster BPM. Bassnectar needs to stop re-mixing and start remixing.

While Spinnin’ probably provided a hefty payout to Bassnectar for this release, I’m fairly certain that it will be a temporary blow to his career in the end. Remixes are not meant to be two tracks that can be played on top each other without distinction. And Bassnectar, if you’re reading this, please come through with something much better than this, as I know you can, and I will happily admit that I am a fool with my predictions for this remix. 

TL;DR Bassnectar’s remix “Front to Back” sounds entirely too similar to the original. I am sad about it and you should be too.