Jauz has been killing it late with his sound experimentation, delving into the uncharted territory sound in Mainstream EDM. Making hard-hitting tunes is what brought us to love the man, but, his wide range work is what has kept us remaining hungry for the next bite. It has been known that Jauz would be dropping an album soon and with recent singles and remixes hitting soundwaves, we have never been so excited for a piece work from the Bite This label head. Jauz took to Twitter to let us know that a track f the album will be dropping this Friday, June 8, 2018 which is set to be even more earthshaking than recent releases.

Jauz Announces Track Release Off Upcoming Album featuring KIIARA

The fact that he is telling us “DIAMONDS” is going to be one the most stand out songs on the tape has us feeling some type way. Having identified the voice for this track in KIIARA, we know this is going to be something special! At this point, we can do nothing but sit back and wait for what is poised to be an outstanding piece work from the newly engaged shark. Be sure to check back on Friday for the tracks release and full-track review!

Photo Cred: RUKES