This remix has been when the most anticipated releases in all 2018 so far. Pendulum's incredible hit record, ‘The Island Pt. 1' set a brilliant precedent for all vocal-driven electronic productions the 2010's. Rob Swire's immaculate vocals mixed with one the most recognizable hooks in all electronic music made for a truly one a kind track.

Pendulum began teasing an ficial remix album a few months ago and ever since singles have been dropping. The remixes have been getting mixed reviews, but the one that has hit the streaming services today is near perfect. Of course, I am talking about Skrillex's remix The Island.

Pendulum – ‘The Island Part 1' (Skrillex Remix)

Skrillex's remix is not what you might expect. While many hoped his remix would be a full-on assault bass, Skrillex instead took a future bass approach to the track. Now I know what you are thinking – “Future Bass really? Hasn't that been overdone?”. While I would usually agree, Skrillex has breathed new life into the sometimes stale genre.

The incredible production quality and unique take on traditional future bass arrangements have turned this song into an instant classic. I really cannot speak highly enough about this tune. Check it out below.