Globally regarded as one the most sought-after psytrance acts the moment, Vini Vici have been taking the world by storm. Armed with a slew infectious productions, they conquered dance floors, festivals and playlists alike and today, they’ve dropped yet another monster tune: ‘Where The Heart Is’, released on their brand-new Alteza label.

Brimming with psychedelic sound effects and a thumping bassline, ‘Where The Heart Is’ has all the hallmarks a Psy-Trance staple. Sporting insane amounts energy and high levels unmistakable club-destroying potential, this cut is poised for global dance floor domination and will be blowing loads sound systems to bits in the process. Triplets aplenty in this tune, which will make it a staple in festival sets worldwide.

Boasting a roster that includes the likes Blastoyz, Off Limits, Phanatic, Sesto Sento, Whitno1se and head honchos Vini Vici themselves, Alteza is a label fit for kings, translating to ‘highness’ or ‘royal’. Created as a means for Vini Vici to discover, release and support new artists and music that Vini Vici like and play, the label represents the Israeli duo’s wide taste in music, showing the more underground part the staple act.