have released something a little different, but something full out--this-world beauty. “Flow State” is an ambient created specifically for yoga and meditation.

Not only is this album full calming tracks, but it also features a spoken word section.  enlisted the help  Elena Brower for the spoken word portion the album. Brower is a long time yogi and a big catalyst behind the inspiration for this album. The spoken word portion the album is great if you're looking for some motivational or healing words and I highly recommend it.

The inspiration behind this album started in 2014 at Burning Man during A&B's yoga session with Brower and since then, Above & Beyond have opened their biggest global gigs with yoga sets.

The tracks on this album are incredibly calming and bring you back down to Earth when you're feeling overwhelmed. It's a beautiful album and I hope it brings the beauty and benefits yoga and meditation to the mainstream.

“Flow State is about the subtlest, innermost conversation, trusting ourselves, and looking inward for acceptance. That acceptance our own humanity is an experience Flow State. It’s a proundly peaceful space for listening and healing,” says Above & Beyond. 

Listen to Flow State here: