are back in a big way. After dropping f their first in 3 years earlier this year, the group has announced that they are releasing their debut . To accompany that announcement Autograf have shared a new single “Ain't Deep Enough” ft. Jared Lee. Their

“A lot good and bad things have happened to us in the past couple years. And the album tells this story, but it also tells your story.” Autograf had to say about the album. “We share our stories through music, but how you experience it depends on your own interpretation. So what “Ain’t Deep Enough” means to us may mean something else to you. That's the beauty life. We have to play the hand we're dealt in life, but anything is still possible depending on the reading or interpretation.”

If this new single is any indication what's to come, everyone is in for a treat. Check out “Ain't Deep Enough” below and stay tune for more new Autograf.

Autograf – Ain't Deep Enough ft. Jared Lee | Download