AXEN’s debut Droid Bass  hit the number 3 spot on Beatport's dubstep releases, as well as receiving worldwide recognition from some the biggest artists in the world. Now, the emerging Aussie producer is back with a quartet that compile a worthy follow-up in Droid Bass 2, his new EP out now on Circus RecordsStepping away from the his previous work’s chaotic and menacing vibe, Droid Bass 2 helps demonstrate a more melodic side AXEN that he states stemmed from “emotional stories in robot-themed series.” The EP starts f with a masterful dance floor destroyer w/ HYLO and Karra flexing her vocal dexterity and range on what is sure to be a fan favorite in “ROOM.” That’s followed by “Time Worth,” where a heroic-feeling build guided by Lenday’s vocals leads into a mechanical synth-driven drop. Maintaining the mechanical feel throughout the third song “Here’s To Hoping,” Luma’s vocal addition perfectly complements the winding and grinding the tune. Finally, AXEN rounds f the EP with his “Vermin ”.