Bassjackers have been a trusted source international big room hits for years now. This year alone, the guys underlined their status once again, with much-praised festival gems like ‘The Flight' (together with , D'Angello & Francis), ‘I Wanna Rave' (a collab with ), and the Jaxx & Vega team-up ‘Limitless'.

All these tracks can be found on the debut album ‘THE BIGGEST', a 14-track tour de force that perfectly highlights the duo's ability to unleash a rave with powerful tunes. It's the blend raw beats, inventive chord structures and blazing drops that make a true Bassjackers tune. No concessions have been made to their sound; the guys went all-in with the aim to bring their stage reputation to life on record.

“‘The Biggest' refers to our sound, which can be described as big room. As fans the genre, we were missing a dedicated album to it. So, instead showcasing multiple musical sides ourselves and aspiring for stream-friendly sounds, we decided to choose the unpopular path by exploring the deep depths big room!” – Bassjackers

All the tracks on ‘THE BIGGEST' have been crafted to electrify the dance floor and get the crowd amped up. Several the singles are collaborations with heavy-hitters in the industry, including the likes Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, Steve Aoki, and Dr. Phunk, to name a few.

Also accompanying the album, a 2-part cinematic experience , which is an artistic representation the duo’s battle to save their sound from extinction. The dutch duo brought a full-on rave packed into 14 tracks on one the best big room albums to hit the speakers.