With album ‘Sound Advice: Chapter Two’ just weeks away from its ficial release, UK trance legend Ben Gold primes fans around the world with an instant classic, new single ‘The City Sleeps Tonight’.

Road tested in front tens thousands at shows like Mysteryland, Electronic Family Festival, Untold Festival and Alfa Future People Festival and making its radio debut on Armin van Buuren’s ASOT show, ‘The City Sleeps Tonight’ has already proven itself a massive favorite.

From the moment the needle drops, the track is positively laced with driving energy thanks to Gold’s deft use rushing synth arpeggios that anchor his soaring vocal line. Encapsulating Gold’s harder trance sound, the track still manages to find room to breathe midway, the airy passage a nod to the more classic euphoria style, before Gold’s production roars back to life thanks to a perfectly executed, undeniably huge, hands-in-the-air build and drop.

Not content with dropping f one the biggest trance tunes the year, Gold thrusts the hype even further with an incredible ficial video that should give viewers the kind rush associated with an out-and-out visual anthem.

And if all that wasn’t enough, the UK star also unveils an exclusive teaser the full ‘Sound Advice: Chapter 2’ album along with a pre-save link.