Ceasar may be licensed to give tattoos in NYC, but he’s not licensed to drive there. The Black Ink Crew star was arrested Friday night for having a fake driver’s license.

He was reportedly pulled over after running a red light and not yielding for a pedestrian in Brooklyn. He handed the officers a license that read “Emanuel Thomas” and that he was born in 1979. His real name is David Emanuel and he was born in June 1971. Additionally he failed to provide a valid insurance card so he was arrested for a misdemeanor false impersonation and traffic violations.

Ceasar runs the New York Black Ink tattoo shop where VH1 began its hit reality series at in 2013. The show has been running for seven seasons strong and the eighth season is set to air in a few days. The show also has two spin-offs centered around the Chicago and Compton locations.

There’s no telling if the cameras were rolling during the bust, but he’s definitely making headlines ahead of the show’s premiere.