Star Brim came home from jail a couple months ago and she’s trying to turn her life around and give back to the neighborhood that made her. But it seems like the New York Police Department doesn’t want the bartender/influencer to shine.

Star was coordinating a back-to-school drive out the kindness of her heart at one of her former schools, which was backed by her famous friend, Cardi B, but it’s not even happening anymore and it’s the NYPD’s fault.

Cardi B hopped on Instagram to blast the organized gang for scaring the principal of the school to back out of the charitable event. It’s important to note that Star Brim was coming out of her pocket to put this event together for the kids and it seems like the NYPD doesn’t want her to forget her past.

TMZ reached out to law enforcements and they claimed it was a “miscommunication.”