Riding high on the success their busiest festival season to date, Cat Dealers team up with MAKJ for a bass-fuelled fering that is set to keep the spirit summer alive.

“Rewind” opens with a bright overtone, fueled by a funk inspired guitar riff and nostalgic vocal line that truly harness the sound summer. As the track’s motive takes a dramatic turn, the collaborators flaunt their mastery for bass-boosted drops, proving Rewind’s worth for peak time play. Showcasing an addictive blend MAKJ’s open format style with Cat Dealers throttling Brazilian bass lines, the track serves as a versatile gem for main stage and club use. Both DJ Mag Top 100 placers are renowned for their heavy list hits, with Rewind destined to follow suit as their next phenomenal dance anthem. You can check out the single below and let us know what you think!