Producer/DJ Chris Varvaro is a self-taught instrumentalist and music producer from New Jersey. His latest single is a collaboration with Sky Roses and it is an emotional ballad driven by ambient synths and a spectacular top line. “Broken” will hit you right in the feels. Read a quote by the up and comer below, and under that stream his newest single.

“This song is very special. I don't think there are enough words to explain what this track means to me. I wrote this shortly after I got out a very important relationship in my life.  It was a truly magical and beautiful time that ended so suddenly. It felt like the rug was pulled out from underneath me at a seemingly random time. From the composition all the way through the lyrics, it is probably the only way I was able to truly express how I felt about the situation through a meaningful outlet. I think it is one the greatest I've written to date, and I cannot be more proud how it turned out. Collaborating with Jason is always amazing, and I knew he would be perfect on this track. I hit him up asking if he would be down to sing, and we just clicked when it was time to lay down vocals. We got it done in one studio session. As soon as I was done with the mix and , we knew we had something special” – Chris Varvaro