Actor LaKeith Stanfield: If You Are For Gangsta Rap, You Can’t Also Be For Black

Atlanta actor LaKeith Stanfield has made a statement on social media that has now went viral: “If you are for gangsta rap, you can’t also be for Black.” 

Stsanfield further explained his post, saying, “The dangerous toxicity associated with this glorified black serial killer and killed music and imagery got people thinking it’s cool to hurt those that look like them and ONLY them.”

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Stanfield continued, “I know that the scope of issues we have to contend with is much larger than just this and that we have a lot of work to do in many areas to restore our hearts and minds after centuries of persecution and manipulation, but we have to start somewhere. At some level, we have to see our lives as valuable so that we think before we react and see another human when we look at a Human man.” 

Many celebrities have come forth with their immediate and long term solutions to senseless tragedies like what happened to Migos’ Takeoff on Halloween night such as Deion Sanders’ precautions for his JSU football players and Master P telling rappers it’s ok to hire police as security.