Amy Klobuchar Ends Presidential Run following Salt Lake City Event

Early Monday morning, Democratic candidate Amy Klobuchar put on a brave face as she stepped on the stage in Salt Lake City in front of a small crowd of loyal followers- followers who knew that the Minnesota senator’s run was likely coming to an end.

Klobuchar officially suspended her campaign on Monday morning.

During the rally, it was evident that Klobuchar was no
longer campaigning, but rather speaking from the heart about issues that were important
to her including healthcare, social security, the environment, addiction,
education, and more. She peppered her speech with the typical anecdotes and
self-deprecating jokes about her height, but also shared more personal stories
including her ties to the tragic Minnesota bridge accident in 2007 that killed 13
people and injured 145.

She took the opportunity to thank her volunteers, many of
whom had shown up before sunrise to set up for what would be her final public
appearance before officially ending her candidacy. She also expressed her gratitude
for Utah Senator Mitt Romney for breaking party lines during the Trump vote.

Before thanking the crowd several times, she stressed the
importance of moving America forward and focusing on “policy, not pipe dreams.”
Less than an hour after the event, her campaign announced that she would be
suspending her presidential bid and will fly to Dallas later to
endorse former Vice President Joe Biden at a rally.

Her departure comes less than 24 hours after
Pete Buttigieg’s shocking departure from the presidential race. Buttigieg has not
formally endorsed anyone although it is rumored that he will be endorsing Biden.

Biden denied there was an organized effort
around the dropouts, telling NBC
News that “there is no official policy to try and talk other people
out of the race. I think that’s a judgment for them to make. I’d resent being
told, you know, well let’s consolidate, you get out.”

Writer’s note: I was at the Salt Lake City event and it was my privilege to watch Senator Klobuchar end her race with honor and dignity and on this second day of Women’s History Month, showing how far women have come in American politics.