Anderson .Paak On Cheetah Print Bodysuit w/ Victoria Monet: “I Was A Little Intimated” 

Anderson .Paak has proven his talents in the music space time and time again. With eight Grammys to his name, the California native has achieved what most individuals wish they could in a lifetime. But beyond the hit records, it’s his personality that fans gravitate towards the most. 

The 37-year-old boasts one of the best sense of humors, which is why the announcement for Season 2 of his own radio show, Paak House Radio on Apple Music, left the internet in a frenzy. Not only that, but it was his outrageous promo video that went completely viral, featuring the one and only Victoria Monet.

In the clip, you see Anderson decked out in a cheetah bodysuit, twinning with Monet as you hear her breakout smash “On My Mama” playing in the background. And while their dance moves and coordination were on point, it was his skin-tight outfit that offered the most comedic relief. 


The Source had the opportunity to speak with Anderson .Paak about this beautiful moment, catching up on the red carpet at the Get Lit Gala at Skirball Cultural Center.

After acknowledging how he slayed the cheetah print bodysuit, Anderson reveals exactly how uncomfortable the attire was.

“It was very uncomfortable,” Paak states. “I just had Mexican food earlier and I was bloated. You know, Victoria is very fit. I was a little intimidated, but I still came out there. I figured I might not have the shape, but I got the confidence and attitude. I had to psych myself up and she made me feel very seen and very confident. So I love it.”