Andrew Yang Decides To Leave Presidential Race | The Source

The Yang Gang may be disappointed after it was announced that Andrew Yang will no longer be participating in the democratic presidential race. Collecting support form celebrities, such as Whoopi Goldberg, Dave Chapelle, Donald Glover, and Alexis Ohanian wasn’t enough to keep the businessman running in the democratic race.

Yang’s decision to drop out followed the primary in New Hampshire. Yang told his supporters that he intended to stay in the race until the end but due to numbers, he knew that he would not have succeeded, winning the campaign. “I am a numbers guy,” Yang began. “In most of these states, I’m not going to be at a threshold where I get delegates, which makes sticking around not necessarily helpful or productive in terms of furthering the goals of this campaign.”

“If I become persuaded that there’s a particular candidate that gives us a superior chance of beating Donald Trump, and I think it’s important to make that opinion known, then I would consider it for sure,” said Yang. Many supporters of the Yang Gang have thanked the New York native for his efforts in the political arena. During his announcement, a fan yelled, “We still love you, Andrew!” “Thank you so much, New Hampshire. I love you, too. Being your candidate has been the privilege of my life,” Yang said.
Other supporters are not so happy to hang up their candidate signs.