Aoki Lee Simmons Crops Her Father Russell Simmons Out Of Birthday Post


Aoki Lee Simmons, the youngest daughter of Russell Simmons has had a tumultuous relationship with her dad just cropped him outof a photo he posted on Instagram. 

Aoki just turned 21 years old and shared a series of pictures on Instagram marking her milestone birthday.In a post dedicated to Aoki, Russell shared one of the pictures his daughter shared, except he was in the picture posted on his own page, but not on the one posted on Aoki’s. Swipe below.

Fans noticed the cropped photo and wondered if the father/daughter duo is still on bad terms after their public spat. Aoki’s mother Kimora Lee jumped in to defend her children on Instagram live.


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In his tribute posted on instagram, Russell wrote:

Dearest @aokileesimmons

on the eve of your 21st birthday …i want to send u all of my love ..This morning i was reflecting on all of the mornings that we meditated together and then went to school i thought of how i would catch u with your eyes open .:and how u mother would come in and give u a stern look after which u would sit stiller and go deeper this was a team effort what an amazing job she did .:for sure you are greater and more perfect then i could have hoped for You are smart thoughtful ,grown and very ready to face this next chapter of your life im so proud of you and Iam amazed at all you do and have become .:Remember to remember this .:im here .|iam always here and i will tell you this again .:/you are safe, and you have nothing to prove or live up to ALL is in perfect order so rest in Gods perfection and make your happiness your priority IM ALWAYS HERE UNCONDITIONALLY YOUR LOVING DAD