ATL Trapstar Ralo Releases Video For “First Day Out”

Marking a major moment five-years-in-the-making, acclaimed Atlanta rap powerhouse Ralo makes his anxiously awaited comeback today. He just dropped off his “First Day Out” single and broke the news of his official signing to 300 Entertainment!

Listen to “First Day Out” HERE via 300 Entertainment.

The song signals the beginning of the next chapter for the rapper, who was just released from prison this past Wednesday, November 8th. On the track, piano pierces through thick 808s as his signature delivery rings out. Introspective and thoughtful rhymes give way to a promise as he urges, “I’d die for this shit, I swear to God I will, before he assures, “Don’t you ask me who I choose, ‘cause I choose the Lord.


Stay tuned for an emotionally charged music video accompany the track at 12pm ET today.

About the song, Ralo revealed, “I’ve seen since I’ve been incarcerated nearly 6 years everybody choosing sides and becoming allies with one another, and I just wanted to acknowledge that fact that I chose to love over it all. I chose to love over the streets. I chose to love over everything that has happened in the world. So I wanted to highlight that because there’s a lot of wickedness going on…A lot of people trying to sabotage one another and trying to knock each other down so they can stand over the next man. I just wanted the world to know I’m satisfied, I’m humble. I’m appreciative, and I’m grateful for what I got. I’m happy with everything I’ve accomplished thus far and I hope to keep continuing to build.”