Balling! Beyoncé Bought A $40M Jet for Jay-Z And Guess What He Bought Her?


What would you buy your billionaire husband if you were the icon Beyonce? Her legendary husband— rap legend Jay-Z owns real estate, islands, automobiles, clothing and several companies. The Renaissance queen bought her king a private jet! The lavish and pricey gift was presented to Jay-Z on Father’s Day.

Back in 2012, Beyoncé acquired a private jet worth $40 million to commemorate her husband’s first Father’s Day.  According to CBS, Beyoncé bought a Bombardier Challenger 850 for Jay-Z, boasting the capacity to accommodate up to 19 passengers. This lavish gift is equipped with a bedroom, two bathrooms, a living room, and a kitchen. Notably, the arrangement of the luxurious leather seats can be flexibly reconfigured to suit the passenger count and the specific nature of the trip.

The US Sun reported both of the aircraft’s bathrooms are equipped with bathtubs, while the kitchen and bar are fully provisioned. Inside the bedroom, a king-sized bed offers comfort, and the living room features a generously sized flat-screen TV with built-in WiFi for seamless streaming. Externally, the plane is adorned with a prominent Puma decal, and Jay-Z’s authentic name, Shawn Carter, is showcased with his signature “S. Carter.”


Throughout their marriage, Beyoncé and Jay-Z have exchanged opulent gifts. On his 41st birthday, Beyoncé presented her husband with a $2 million Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport, a vehicle so exclusive that even she had to be put on a year-long waitlist to acquire it. On his 43rd birthday, the rapper was gifted a $5 million diamond-studded Hublot watch by the songstress.

Jay-Z also showered his wife with a plethora of gifts fit for a queen. Back in 2013, Jay-Z purchased his wife a private island! So while we see the Carters traipsing to exotic locations around the world, B’s island reportedly serves as a frequent vacation destination for the Carters.

What do you think they will purchase next?

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