BirdVision Entertainment Helps to Make Artist’s Dreams Come True

BirdVision Entertainment serve as a conduit for a number of artists.

Hustle, work ethic, loyalty and strength but a few values that Ervin “Bird” Gainer and and Donovan “Donbo” Samuels uphold for themselves and have infused into their music label company.  

The Compton natives spearhead Birdvision Entertainment with the goal of helping up and coming artists meet their full potential and grow into the stars they know they’re more than capable of being.

“BVE differs from other companies because we are very family-oriented and truly care about the well-being of our artists and producers beyond the music,” said Gainer. One of the main goals that we have for this year is to bring more awareness to our label and our team. We’re constantly discovering more talent. Touching the charts. Producing impactful records.”

BirdVision Entertainment first signed its first artist, Roddy Ricch, in 2017 and seeing his subsequent success confirmed to Samuels and Gainer that they’d created something special. Now in 2022 where BVE is now home to multiple artists in California and Texas such as Rosemarie and AAP Deno, the company only continues to grow!

The duo shared that as they expand, they’ll continue to sign more artists with plans to eventually launch a publishing company in tandem with their roster of heavy-hitting talent. 

As BVE grows in notoriety, what motivates Samuel and Gainer remains the same. “I wanted to start something that my neighborhood could be proud of,” Gainer said. With the sole purpose of creating opportunities in the music industry for themselves and others BVE, it’s artists and it’s owners are sure to see continued success!

As far as the rest of the year, they are gearing up to prepare for the upcoming releases from their current roster of artists. Some of the things they are looking forward to most include:

AAP Deno’s debut with a major feature that’s a secret
Relly’s mixtape 
AAP Huncho’s mixtape 
Rosemarie’s new EP
Ai Bendr’s humbling sound

As they expand at a rapid pace including into the world of publishing, there is no doubt that Birdvision Entertainment is here to stay and become a powerhouse company at the heart of the music industry. Bringing their vision to life is more than a dream. It is an unbreakable bond that is creating the future in ways unimagined.