Bugwell Offers His Spotify Playlist Takeover

unk Mail and Bugwell arrived together earlier this year on RAM Records for their first-ever collaboration, after appearing individually on the label whilst making their mark through their sounds.

Although together, they delivered ‘Stronger’, a track which oozes the RAM Records trademark and one debuted by the pair throughout their packed touring schedules.

In celebration of its release, we caught up with Bugwell, who gave us a rundown of his Spotify playlist selections. You can check these out below, and be sure to grab a copy of the new single here.

Arcade Fire – Reflektor

This track is one of the first Arcade Fire tracks I discovered, and soon after I saw them perform it on the Pyramid Stage at Glastonbury. For me, this is the perfect marriage between indie music and electronic music – indie vibes with all the flavours of electronic music. Win Butler’s vocals are unique and I love the fact that the band consists of so many members. In their live sets, they all rotate instruments at certain points – a display of great musicianship.

David Bowie – Life On Mars?

This track is one of my all-time inspirations. Bowie had such an impact on my early songwriting and this track is timeless, with a strong nostalgia and with immense songwriting and arrangement. When I discovered Bowie, the impact he had on me was immeasurable, really inspiring me to try to elevate myself as an artist and songwriter. I’ve probably listened to this more than any other song, ever.

Swedish House Mafia – Don’t You Worry Child

Another early inspiration of mine, especially as a dance music producer. I always wanted to combine songwriting with dance music and this track really opened that door for me. I’ve seen this performed by Swedish House Mafia many times and it always gave me such a yearning to produce and push myself forward.

Arctic Monkeys – No. 1 Party Anthem

Nostalgia is the central force behind this track for me. Arctic Monkeys are my favourite band and this song really sums up the side of their sound that I love. Soft but dark, edgy and lush. I love how creative Arctic Monkeys are with their hooks – they don’t always rely on the same elements and they don’t conform to any classic styles of songwriting.

Sub Focus – Join The Dots

This track was one I used to hear back in the day at The End at RAM Records nights. I have always loved Sub Focus but this track in particular had such an influence on me. Electro and Electro house were pivotal genres in my early stages of production and this one bridged the gap between the genres. I always felt Sub Focus really pushed the envelope between genres and styles and this track massively influenced Drum and Bass over the years subsequent to its release. The production also felt and still feels prime – it did something that not many records at the time were doing.

BØRNS – Electric Love

This track carries so much energy and movement. The build and progression are so epic and the explosion of sound at the chorus gets me every time. The vocals are great and I am so inspired by BØRNS’ vocal control and range. Again, another perfect example of a crossover between indie and dance music, something that continues to inspire me.

Arcade Fire – Wake Up

This track is so iconic and for any Arcade Fire fan, instantly recognisable. Their use of the airy vocals to create the hook is executed so well and the epic nature of the track creates a juxtaposition with the dark lyrics. Indie music has inspired me so much and in so many different forms over the years and this track is certainly at the root of that inspiration. I’ve seen Arcade Fire many times and they always perform this track. The live version has developed in style over the years but somehow it manages to retain that dusty quality.

Culture Shock – Bad Red

Culture Shock has been a solid inspiration to me over the years in terms of style/creativity and production. His sound has always been so unique and this track has stayed fresh ever since it came out. There is something about his style that seems to not conform – he doesn’t follow the usual ‘rules’ and has maintained a singular quality across all of his work as a result. I remember getting this track on vinyl and blasting it out in my bedroom on my 1210s, likely annoying all of the neighbours!

Mark Ronson Feat. Miley Cyrus – Nothing Breaks Like a Heart

Mark Ronson is a real pinnacle of songwriting and production. Everything he does reaches a quality that surpasses many other artists and the way he puts tracks together has a certain cohesion that gives them intricacy and flow. I also love the fact that like a true producer, he’s successfully worked on a multitude of different styles. I also love Miley Cyrus – she has such a powerful voice but also a strong edge to her sound. Her stage shows are also awesome.

David Guetta Feat. Sia – Titanium

This track is a confluence between two great artists. David Guetta has made so many solid records over the years and he has a way of combining great sounds and vibes with a universal sound. I love the fact that he was a long time DJ before becoming a commercial artist – this proves that he really has experience with both the mainstream and the underground. Sia – an unreal vocalist and songwriter – she is an artist I have always aspired to. She has made so many unreal records and her artistry continues to inspire me.