Callecat Tease Debut LP With ‘Symbiosis (Part 4)’ Featuring Fabri Lopez And Nick Varon

Dutch producers Koen and Gijs, aka Callecat, return with the fourth release from April’s hotly anticipated Symbiosis album.

The Symbiosis project Parts 1-3 has already brought superb collaborations with Paul Hazedonk (Manual Music head honcho) & Meeting Molly, Juliane Wolf & Forty Cats, and Hobin Rude & Not Demure.

‘Symbiosis (Part 4)’, available 1st March on Manual Music, consists of two incredible collaborations the first with Fabri Lopez and the second with Nick Varon.

Callecat themselves are very much a symbiotic relationship. Koen is more the DJ and Gijs the producer in this union, though both very capable in each field. Their shared sense of humour adds a playful twist to their productions. Their fun loving and light-hearted approach in their Utrecht studio helps bring you some of the best progressive electronic music around.

Up first on ‘Symbiosis (Part 4)’, is the excellent Mutual Horizons, featuring Argentinian producer Fabri Lopez. A thumping 4/4 kick is joined by a delay effect bass. The beautiful track makes you feel as you are looking out together, towards the horizon on a clear day, the waves turning on a shingle beach, calm but with a hidden driving power. Ambient synths suggest the sounds of gulls and perhaps even a fairground in the distance.

Callecat tell us more about Mutual Horizons: “We’ve loved the unique drive in Fabri Lopez’ music ever since Callecat began. We thought Mutual Horizons was an almost complete track, until Fabri enriched it with more drive, cool quirky sounds, and a beautiful arrangement. Every time we play Mutual Horizons in our sets, all hands go up in the air.

Beyond Perceptions, the second track on ‘Symbiosis (Part 4)’ was produced with Barcelona based Athenian supremo (and frequent Hernan Cattaneo collaborator) Nick Varon. Chocalho percussion and a sweet bass kick provide the rhythm for this lush, groovy track. Heavenly synths float above a down-on-the-dancefloor bass melody.

Koen explains: “I’ve known Nick for years now. We met prepping a Sudbeat night. His sets are deep, groovy, and melodic and so cohesive. We created the bassline, Nick came up with this incredible metallic electronic melody. We were immediately hooked. We took a lot of time and about 40 mix versions to bring you Beyond Perceptions as you hear it now.”

In ‘Symbiosis (Part 4)’, Callecat have added two superb tracks to compliment Parts 1-3. With collaborations of this quality, it’s clear to see why the album, Symbiosis out on 12th April, is so eagerly awaited. Stay tuned for many more great things to come from Callecat!