Canadian Rapper Drake Embraces His Newfound Scottish Roots


Actor-turned-rapper Drake, known for his global musical influence and numerous chart-topping hits, has recently unveiled a surprising connection to Scotland. The 37-year-old Canadian, born Aubrey Graham received this revelation through a DNA testing kit ordered by his father, Dennis.

While the pair expected to discover ties to Nigeria and Cameroon, the discovery of Scottish ancestry added an unexpected layer to Drake’s heritage. The revelation brings him into the fold of the millions of North Americans who can claim Scottish roots.

Drake’s connection to Scotland became particularly significant after he performed two unforgettable gigs in Glasgow back in 2017. During those performances, he proudly declared himself a member of the Tartan Army, as reported by the Daily Record.


Expressing his gratitude to his Scottish fans, Drake reminisced, saying, “I am grateful for every fan that turns up to see me perform, but I will always remember being in Scotland in 2017; it was an unforgettable experience. Over those two nights, Scotland gave me two of the most insane crowds I have ever experienced. The Tartan Army took me into their hearts, and I took them into mine right back. Ever since then, I have felt part Scottish.”

Reflecting on the importance of understanding one’s heritage, especially regarding ancestry and ethnicity, Drake shared, “I have always been so interested in ancestry and ethnicity – I feel it is so important to have an understanding about who you are and what makes up your DNA. My dad had his ancestry looked into, and while the biggest percentages were Nigeria and Cameroon, we actually had it confirmed that we do have some Scottish ancestry, so that probably explains the love Scotland and I have for each other.”

Watch Drake perform for his mom below.