Cardi B’s Thrown Mic Sells For $100K


Last week, Cardi B was facing charges for throwing a microphone at a fan during a show in Las Vegas, but that same mic has fetched a whopping $100K in an eBay auction.

In an auction that started at a modest $500 ended Tuesday morning(August 8) at an astounding $99,900, with over 120 bids in just one week, according to TMZ. The production company that auctioned off the mic gave the proceeds to the Wounded Warrior Project and Friendship Circle Las Vegas.

During her performance at Vegas’ Drai’s Nightclub last month, a fan threw a drink at the “W.A.P.” rapper, which immediately prompted Cardi to sling the microphone into the crowd towards the direction of the thrown drink. The day after the incident, woman filed a police report of a battery with the Las Vegas Metro Police Department on Sunday (July 30).


Last week, it was confirmed that Cardi, whose real name is Belcalis Almánzar, would not face baterry charges for the thrown mic.

Crdi’s lawyers issued a statement, saying, “This afternoon we were notified by the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Dept., that as a result of their investigation, there will be NO charges against Cardi,” they said. “On behalf of Cardi, we appreciate the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Dept’s diligent and prompt resolution of this matter.”