CBS Studios SHUT DOWN Offices in New York; 2 Employees Infected with Coronavirus

While New York is working hard to keep everyone moving with a level head, the reality is that this virus is here and many are increasingly testing positive.

CBS News, a place that normally reports the news, is now big news.

After receiving a memo from the CBS News President Suzan Zirinsky, the broadcast heavy-weight has ordered its staff in two of their midtown New York offices to work from home after two employees tested positive for COVID-19, commonly known as the coronavirus.

The two offices are located at the CBS Broadcast Center, at 524 West 57th Street and at 555 West 57th Street. Now the maintenance folk, according to the New York Post are disinfecting the entirety of the offices.

“We have begun planning for this possibility and want everyone to be assured that we’re taking all necessary measures,” Zirinsky said in the memo.

CBS representatives did not immediately respond to a request for comment.