Cesar Almena Unveils New Album, ‘Techno Influences’

‘Techno Influences’ is the new album by Cesar Almena on CODE Records, and it’s a ten-track techno release with fast-paced grooves powered by flowing percussion.

CODE Records is a Spanish record label that’s dedicated to techno, and it has a roster featuring music from influential producers such as Mark Broom, Gary Beck, Christian Smith, Spartaque and DJ Dextro.

The record label is run by Cesar Almena and Nuke who are two artists from Madrid that regularly feature on their imprint themselves, and this is the third time that Cesar Almena has released an album via CODE Records.

Cesar Almena has also released music on other techno record labels such as Naked Lunch and Reset Music, and this album is full of gems. All of the tracks are very dance floor friendly, and each of them would be well placed in a techno set.

Some of the standout productions include “ZaPaTiLLa,” which has a bouncy acid groove that grabs your attention with its peak time energy. “Alive” is another distinctive cut, and it’s signified by a melodic synth that is underlined by the fast-paced percussion that’s trademark to this release.

“Eh Oh” is one of the strongest tracks on the release, as its combination of old-school synth chords and invigorating vocals lift the energy with a driving groove that will be an instant crowd-pleaser in any DJ set.

The last track, “Knights of the Groovy” is another standout part of the album, as it brings the release to a close with spine-tingling synths and breakbeat percussion that deliver a feel-good mood.

It’s a rollercoaster of a release that in full, plays like a dynamic DJ set, but can also be broken down into smaller snippets for anyone who is looking to find something for DJ use. Some of the big names already showing this release support range from Marcel Dettmann to Pan-Pot.

This album lives up to its title, and really is full of tasty techno influences, you can buy a copy HERE.