Chris Veron Drops New Single, ‘My House’

Chris Veron drops a new techno track “My House,” which presents his alter ego AXXX7en, and pays homage to a classic track.

It makes great use of the iconic “my house is your house, and your house is mine” vocal that has been used in anthemic classics since the early ‘90s.

This peak time techno track has hard-hitting drums, tantalising melodies and a rumbling bassline forming a foundation for the vocals. It’s the “my house” part of the vocal that gets the most prominent use in this track, but the full vocal is utilised at the end of the suspense building breakdown, just before the drums are reintroduced with a bang!

The peak time style of this track is trademark to what Chris Veron has released on record labels such as Set About, Say What?, Codex and Riot.

My House is out now via Chris Veron’s record label KickFire, and you can buy the release HERE.