Cody Chase’s Radio Show ‘The Chase’ Elevates the Airwaves with R3hab and MOGUAI

Cody Chase has been making strides within Electronic Music with his radio show, ‘The Chase’; bringing enthralling episodes each week, whether through his own mixes or inviting guest stars to take to the decks, the talented Producer and DJ continues to ignite the airwaves every month with powerful music.

As May saw Cody Chase keep the quality of his radio show high, supported by his deep appreciation and understanding of Electronic Music, ‘The Chase’ certainly excited listeners once again, bringing two standout episodes that featured sets from genre heavyweights R3hab and MOGUAI. A show well on its way to taking the premier slot for radio shows within Electronic Music, establishing its reputation alongside Cody Chase as an influential tastemaker on the scene, ‘The Chase’ continues to bring memorable moments, expanding its reach with each and every episode.

As the guest mixes from R3hab and MOGUAI set the excitement on ‘The Chase’ ablaze, May’s episodes no doubt marked a milestone for the show and further cemented it as a distinct platform within Electronic Music today. With the status of the guest stars becoming a noteworthy signifier of Cody Chase’s own growing reputation, as more and more high-profile names take to the decks, the mixes from both R3hab and MOGUAI certainly raised the bar last month on ‘The Chase’, treating listeners to sets considered in construction and impactful in sound. As Cody Chase welcomes new talents to take to the decks each month, listeners no doubt remain hooked, excited to hear what the talented Producer will offer next, whether a set from a top-tier talent or an enthralling mix from himself, fans can no doubt expect refreshing sonic experiences every week.

As each episode delivered vibrant sound, punctuated by powerful beats, lively rhythms, and intoxicating details, May on ‘The Chase’ certainly made for an enthralling listen. Within his mixes, Cody Chase frequently brings music from a diverse range of Artists across the landscape of Electronic Music, last month incorporating tracks from rising stars, including Luis M’s ‘Pressure’ and Shadowmaw’s ‘Defiance’. Coming as an ideal destination to dive deep into the styles of House and Techno, ‘The Chase’ is fast gaining traction, and with such compelling episodes delivered each month, it is easy to understand why.

Continuing to be driven by his passion and love for the genre, Cody Chase is guaranteed to bring more infectious sound throughout June on ‘The Chase’ with episodes that are not to be missed. So, make sure to tune in to the next instalment of ‘The Chase’, and stay up to date with the talented Producer and DJ by following him across social media, as Cody Chase shows no signs of slowing his creativity down soon.

Listen to ‘The Chase’ episodes here.