Cops Bust Brooklyn Barbershop Party With Over 50 People During Quarantine

Even with the global CoronaVirus pandemic and NYC being the epicenter of COVID-19 cases, New Yorkers are still taking life-threatening risks by gathering in groups despite health experts’ concerns.

eNVee Barbershop in the Canarsie section of Brooklyn got jammed up Sunday night when a group of over 50 people was found partying in a basement beneath the shop. Over 60 summonses were issued and an illegal gun was found, charging two people with weapons possession.

One man held by the NYPD alleged that he was shooting a music video for the large group, but the police say that the large gathering had absolutely no purpose.

New York City is still recognized as the primary breeding ground of the COVID-19 virus, with over 250,000 confirmed cases and over 15,000 deaths have been attributed to the novel coronavirus.