Coronavirus Death Toll Surpasses 250,000 Around the World

As the coronavirus global pandemic continues to have an international impact, it has been reported that over 250,000 people have now died from complications due to the deadly virus, according to CNN.

As of Monday (May 4), Johns Hopkins University reported 251,365 deaths and 3,580,247 total confirmed COVID-19 cases worldwide. There have also been approximately 1.2 million to recover from contracting the virus. 

Of the quarter-million COVID deaths, just under 69,000 of those were in the United States.

While many states in the U.S. are looking to ease stay-at-home orders, other countries that the COVID-19 virus ravaged are opening back up such as China and Italy, who just lifted their two month lockdown. According to The New York Times, by lifting the stay-at-home orders, it could spike the numbers of deaths in the U.S., with a potential death toll of 3,000 per day by June 1.