CORONAVIRUS UPDATE: U.S. Reaches New Milestone With Over 100K Confirmed Cases

As the lockdown has most of America in indefinite suspense and fear, the number of confirmed Coronavirus cases in the United States has passed 101,000, almost 20,000 more than yesterday (March 26). Sadly, there have been more than 1,400 deaths in the country directly attributed to Covid-19.

As the U.S. has become the focal point of concern for the coronavirus around the world, New York and Washington are known epicenters, however, more cities have grown in numbers to be now recognized as hot spots.

As other cities are claiming to not even have the resources to track the virus that was first recognized in the U.S. less than two months ago, cities such as Chicago, Detroit, and New Orleans are claiming devastating data that could have their cities in the same grim circumstance as New York City in the very near future.

Three test sites were opened in New Orleans and within two hours, one of the sites had their 250 people limit at its capacity. In Detroit, the number has skyrocketed times ten in the past week to a crippling 3,000 positive Covid-19 tests. 500 police officers are under quarantine in the Motor City, with the police chief and 39 officers testing positive for the virus.

Hospitals in Chicago and New Orleans are preparing for a spike in cases, but the city’s convention centers will soon become impromptu medical facilities to treat thousands of coronavirus patients, similar to New York City.