Crystal Skies Issues Their 10-Track Sophomore Album ‘Stardust’

Electronic music duo Crystal Skies are back on Lost In Dreams with their hotly anticipated sophomore album ‘Stardust.’

The project serves as a follow-up to their 2022 debut LP ‘Not Since When.’ The 10-track offering features previous singles “Nirvana,” “Hurts Sometimes,” “Growing Pains,” “Heart’s Still Beating,” and the title track “Stardust.”
Leading off the project comes “Growing Pains,” a cathartic journey that pulls at the heartstrings. SOUNDR anchors the track with ruminative lyrics that are both poignant and addictive. The combination blurs the lines between pop-centric and emotive, commanding repeat listens. Delicate string builds, wistful piano chords, and frothy arpeggiations drive the backing, offering a gripping and reflective sound palette. Futuristic melodies and spacey sound effects drift into a riveting melodic dubstep drop that sees colorful textures and video game-inspired synths become offset by gargling synth swooshes. The track plays out as an intricate dance, shifting focus between the explosive drops and SOUNDR’s gripping vocal performance.

Expanding the sonic journey comes the title track “Stardust.” A captivating cinematic masterpiece akin to an impassioned voyage through the cosmos. HALIENE’s delivery is drenched in emotion, offering a poignant prose yearning for a sense of belonging. Stirring keys lead the intro as delicate orchestral builds expand the depth of the production. While the lyrics explore celestial metaphors, the production evolves, taking an intergalactic expansion that blends choral harmonies and sci-fi-influenced ethereal melodies. The swelling emotional weight is released in crashing waves of uplifting progressive house and marvelous melodic bass. From the rising progressions to the heavenly vocal tones, “Stardust” charters an enthralling expedition beyond the heavens.

“Hurts Sometimes” is an emotive creation that perfectly balances RUNN’s moving vocal performance with the pair’s melodic mastery. Built around the vulnerable yet brave topline, RUNN guides listeners through the roller coaster ride called life. Flush with peaks and valleys, the single embraces the pain while pushing forward to a brighter horizon. The pop-leaning vocal offers an addictive hook that’s bolstered by soothing acoustic guitar riffs, driving percussion, and an underlying end-of-summer energy. The bittersweet current travels through the guide rails, exploring the agony while offering a sense of hopeful embrace. The soft stuttering house groove provides an enhanced energy that offers an airy allure countering the heavier feels. Steady rimshot hits, perfectly timed slides, and soulful coos add a sense of divine magic.

Taking listeners to the “Other Side,” the pair join forces with Brooklyn-based, Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter Luxtides. Her lush vocal delivery commands the track with a swirling torrent of emotion and visceral realizations. The beautiful ballad tells the story of a lost love that she wishes to rekindle if only things could be different. Hope and heartache are interwoven for an engrossing work of art. Somber piano keys, orchestral melodies, and euphoric arpeggiations deepen the heartfelt connection. The stirring sounds are balanced against a deluge of talking synth sequences and stratospheric leads, which ultimately raise the vibe up to the heavens.

“This song is really special to us because it was the first one that really captured the vibe we wanted for the whole album,” says Crystal Skies. “When we heard Luxtides’ vocals, we knew we had something incredible. The song and its overall feel reflect the power and longing described in the lyrics.”

Luxtides sheds light on the creative process behind the collab: “‘Other Side’ is the first song Luma and I ever wrote together, and since then we’ve co-written more than I can count. The song is about grieving the end of a relationship and how that can feel like a death, but there’s that glimmer of hope that maybe someday you’ll get it right in another life.”

Switching the scene comes the instrumental-driven “Event Horizon.” The solo effort illustrates the duo’s range and pulls from their previous solo careers to conjure a pulse-raising dubstep heavy-hitter. An eerie melody drives the track forward as unsettling strings further the horror-inspired sound palette. The drops surprise at every turn, moving from raucous dubstep filth, melodic dubstep, high-tempo techno, and a blistering final riddled with rolling lasers and grimy low-end. It’s a shape-shifting, pulse-raising banger that does not let up.

“For ‘Event Horizon,’ we wanted a spiritual follow-up to ‘Requiem,’ they explain. “We enjoy experimenting with different genres, and this track represents a blend of everything heavy we were into at the time. We’re genuinely proud of this one and feel it’s among the most creative records we’ve written.”

If the previous track was a cinematic nightmare scene, “Heart’s Still Beating” offers up a dreamy escape. The track is an enchanting bop that’s the soundtrack to summer love. Serving as an ode to the early days of melodic dubstep, the backing is heartfelt, upbeat, and shimmering. She Is Jules’ vocals are lush and evocative, fusing uncertain excitement and burning passion. The lyrics center around the “will-they, won’t-they” anticipation looming over a first date. Crystal Skies builds around the vocal performance creating a sound that’s oozing with a stunning nostalgic sensibility. Effervescent melodies intertwine with swinging synths, subtle wubs, and sparkling synth shots, culminating in an unforgettable ride. Flush with feels and blissful grooves, “Heart’s Still Beating” will have you floating on cloud nine.

Keeping the collaborations going strong, “Farewell” sees the duo reuniting with Seattle-based KnownAsNat. The powerful melodic bass cut is an ode to personal growth. The intro is somber, pairing chill-inducing keys and soul-stirring strings with the reflective lyrics, which focus on moving forward. The instrumentation and vocals support a sense of self-realization and understanding one’s own worth. The introspective nature dovetails perfectly into the upbeat and colorful drops that erupt with sparkling synths and beautifully chopped vox. “Farewell” is walking through the rain to embrace the sunshine on the other side. It’s an anthem for loving yourself and finally getting what you deserve.

Crystal Skies breaks down the meaning behind the song, stating, “‘Farewell’ is one of the brighter songs on this album. Nat did an amazing job with the vocals, and we really loved the positive message in the lyrics. In the midst of sad and melancholy melodic dubstep songs, we wanted to bring in something beautiful and uplifting.”

Building upon the bright side of the previous cut without losing the emotion comes “Explosion.” Blurring the lines between electropop and drum & bass, it’s an approachable anthem with a rush of emotions that flood in as soon as the drums hit. The supportive lyrics offer strength and reassurance at every juncture. There’s an addictive air, a love-filled undercurrent, and a bursting feeling of pure joy. “Explosion” is an uncontainable smash primed for festival plays.

“‘Explosions’ began as a nod to the drum and bass of the early 2010s Monstercat style era,” they say. “We feel it captures that vibe and nostalgia perfectly. It’s definitely one of our favorites on the album!”

Guiding listeners down a lush sonic path towards transcendence, “Nirvana” is a powerful and upbeat electropop anthem. Amidy’s signature vocal croons act as a focal point, while traversing a heartfelt journey of inner peace. The idyllic lyrics create a sense of elation that is expertly accentuated by the uplifting beat. Sparkling arps, punchy drums, soaring synth sequences, heart-racing stutter sections, and warm piano chords create a sense of pure euphoria. Whether the moment calls for a pick-me-up or simply a way to enhance a pleasant day, the beautiful ballad will wash all worries away.

Drawing ‘Stardust’ to a close comes the Meggie York-assisted “Lifeline.” The Los Angeles singer-songwriter bares her soul, drawing inspiration from isolation and channeling it into an anthem of empowerment. The lyrics, “I’ll be your lifeline” act as a powerful hook, reminding listeners there is always someone for them to turn to. The shimmering future bass drops and lush synths offer a beam of warming light while the dubstep switch-up midway through injects a glitchy twist with an underlying darkness. “Lifeline” glides graciously across saddening lows to powerful highs, closing with rays of positivity to wrap up the affair with a sense of hope.

Closing out the LP, Crystal Skies shares their insight on the final track: “‘Lifeline’ is a song we wrote a few years ago, and we struggled to find the right spot for it until it found a home on this album. This track nicely fits the ‘Stardust’ vibe and pays tribute to the ‘Constellation’ days with its drum and guitar choices. The vocals carry a message of hope and assistance in times of need, and we hope it connects with the listener as it does with us.”

Helmed by Britain Holcomb and Aaron Dawsom, Crystal Skies have become a pillar in the melodic bass scene with an emotive sound that’s assured to take one’s breath away. They have become staples on Lost In Dreams following their debut album ‘Not Since When’ and a slew of exceptional singles that have garnered support from, Airwave, Glasse Factory, The Music Essentials, EDM Sessions, Canadian Ravers, Vents Magazine and Find Your Sounds. Previous releases have attained radio support from iconic artists including Illenium, Alison Wonderland, and JVNA.

‘Stardust’ is an emotional epic that leverages stellar collaborations and pristine production, resulting in an unforgettable auditory expedition charted by the melodic masterminds.

Crystal Skies’ new album ‘Stardust’ is available on all platforms via Lost In Dreams Records.