Davido Is Back and Announces New Album


Words by: Brandon Simmons

Afrobeats star Davido has a new album coming out soon.  After the death of his 3-year-old son last year, the “Fall” rapper took the time to heal with his family.  He took to Instagram to post a trailer for the album with a caption thanking his fans during his hiatus.

“Thank you to everyone out there for your love and support that has held me down.  All the love and messages while I was away, the gifts sent, the concerts you all threw!  I appreciate it all.  Today, I want to remind you all that what is now Timeless, was once new.  It’s time for new.”

His new album is titled Timeless and is a follow-up to his 2020 album, A Better Time.  His fans took to the comments to celebrate him and his comeback, as he was truly missed.  


Just before Davido announced his return on Instagram, his hype man, Special Spesh, was becoming impatient.  Along with fans questioning him about Davido’s whereabouts, Special Spesh contemplated leaking a new song.  Now, it’s possible that he isn’t talking about releasing a Davido song, but fans are speculating this to be the case.  Many fans encouraged him to do so on Instagram after he posted his frustration.

             “THE WAY I DEY FRUSTRATE LIKE DIS [mad face emoji] I FIT LEAK ONE SONG!!!!….[purple devil emoji]”

It looks like he didn’t, and fans will have to wait until the end of the month for the new album.