Deadliest Day of Coronavirus Outbreak Claims Almost 200 Lives in U.S.

The Coronavirus has America at a standstill; the entire country is on lockdown while the numbers of diagnosed cases and deaths are steadily on the incline. Today (March 25) has been the worst day of the pandemic, with over 200 deaths attributed to the deadly virus across the nation.

With over 65,000 active cases and over 700 deaths, the novel coronavirus’ infection rate has been accelerating, with New York City, the largest site of Covid-19 cases in the United States, doubling in numbers every three days.

According to a consensus taken by CNN, there were 211 deaths due to the Coronavirus today, making it the deadliest day since the pandemic began a little over a month ago.

The total includes cases from all 50 states, the District of Columbia and other U.S. territories, as well as all cases of recovery.

The country remains on lockdown for the most part, while Congress and the Trump administration are finalizing the planning and execution of a $2 trillion stimulus package to aid in the recovery from the outbreak.