Debbie Allen Rocks the Internet with her Virtual Dance Class— Ms. Grant Still Got It

“Fame! I’m gonna live forever!” And with energy like Debbie “Ms. Grant” Allen, we are sure she will.

Veteran Broadway dancer and one-half of Allen sisters that took the theatrical world by storm in the 80s (Phylicia Allen Rashād), Debbie Allen has been popping since we first saw her as the dance teacher in the hit movie Fame. If you are really old school, you remember her from the Broadway show West Side Story. Some know her from a role in Different World, her viral “Kill ‘Em with the Shoulders” moment or most recently Greys Anatomy.

Over her work as a skilled actor or as three-time EMMY award-winning choreographer for shows like The Motown 25th Anniversary and Fame and choreographing the Oscars numerous times, she takes the most pride in the Debbie Allen Dance Academy that she started in Los Angeles.

At her core, she is a dancers dancer! She is a dance teacher.

So no one was shocked that she started teaching virtual dance classes during this coronavirus crisis.

Check out her classes and join her for her next one.