E-40 Becomes ‘Dr. 40’ After Receiving Honorary Degree from Grambling State University

E-40 was granted an honorary doctorate degree in music from Grambling State University, where he previously studied.

This accomplishment now allows him to be referred to as “Dr. E-40.” During the university’s graduation ceremony, E-40 was present to accept his degree and share inspiring words with the graduating students.

In addition to this, E-40 had made a donation of $100,000 to the university earlier in the year, which was used to support the marching band and set up a recording studio to aid aspiring musicians. The university reciprocated E-40’s generosity by naming the studio in his honor as the “Earl ‘E-40’ Stevens Sound Recording Studio.”


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E-40 Grambling Degree 4

E 40 Grambling Degree 4

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E 40 Grambling Degree 2

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E 40 Grambling Degree 1