EVEREN MAXWELL Heads Into Emotional Whirlwind With Immersive 6-Track ‘Challenger’ EP

Prescott-based producer EVEREN MAXWELL is a fast-rising producer who is renowned for his ability to intertwine folklore, fantasy, fairy tales, classic literature, and nomadic travels into his unique style of bass music.

Following the emotive lead single “WINTER,” the sonic storyteller returns to SLANDER’s Heaven Sent imprint with his six-track ‘Challenger’ EP.

Leading off the project comes the mystifying “Comafera.” The track is a slow-burning epic built around the breathtaking vocals of INOV8. The track builds like a brisk walk through a stunning yet foggy distant land. There’s a transcendent allure that draws closer as audio elements slowly drift into place. The soothing melody is overlaid with the captivating vocal tones to create a truly otherworldly appeal. The addition of powerful drums and futuristic synths enhance the intensity before finally giving way to the electric drop. The long building track acts as the perfect opener, creating a cinematic introduction with a powerful payoff that teases what is to follow.

If the opening track grounds itself to the wonder of the earth, “Back Up” flies amongst the clouds. The beginning is gentle and uplifting, simulating a delicate ascent through the heavens. What begins as gentle and calming soon flips into an aggressive onslaught of metallic flourishes, wild sound design, and gritty color bass. The ravening exploits are counterbalanced against interspersed melodic bursts offering a masterful juxtaposition.

Joining forces with The Living Proof, the pair presents the title track. “Challenger” acts as one of the energetic highpoints of the project, blending euphoric atmospherics and enchanting melodies with crunchy melodic dubstep glitch sequences. Breathy vocal bends and subtle accents move like flowing water, which help deepen the sonic palette. Sprinkling in a complextro-style twist, the frenetic cut moves between glitchy and euphoric, providing a powerful spiritual release. “Challenger” proves that EVEREN MAXWELL and The Living Proof are ready to take on anything.

Building upon the energy harnessed on the previous track, “Babeth” continues the ascent. Ethereal undertones are balanced against shimmering synths and a vibrant heartbeat. Waves of beauty and bright light dance among pulsing bass and grainy sound design punctuated by industrial stabs. Blurring boundaries between the natural world and a video-game-inspired artifice, “Babeth” embraces the dichotomy. The ‘80s synths in the break give off hints of nostalgia before rocketing back into the futuristic drops at warp speed.

Offering a break from the intensity and stimulation felt at the project’s midway point, “Aurora” slows down the pace as things draw closer to the finale. Deep bass and distorted vocal tones create a classy yet spacey feel that is enhanced by exotic instrumentation. Lush strings bring a cinematic flair to the breaks, deepening the emotional edge. EVEREN MAXWELL keeps the track progressing throughout, layering in new sounds while the moving vocal tones pull everything together with expert precision.

Drawing the project to a close comes a touching sonic tale about coping with loss. “WINTER” is written for the producer’s late mother whom he lost as a child. The oft-challenging yet transformative season that marked her passing acts as the canvas for EVEREN MAXWELL to paint his pain, as well as his personal quest for growth. Pensive keys drift over a sweeping soundscape while stirring strings deepen the poignant pull. MAXWELL’s vocals are haunting, delivered in a raw yet gentle form brimming with impactful sentiment. The lyrics further the thematic depth likening his tragic loss to the darkness and lack of warmth contained in the track’s namesake. The somber, refined vibe of the introduction is contrasted against an energetic color bass beat that serves as a cathartic release. Masterfully moving between the dichotomy, “WINTER” is an evocative work of art that transposes one of life’s momentous pains into a sonic offering that’s equal parts heartbreaking and hopeful.

EVEREN MAXWELL breaks down the full project in detail, saying: “To me, the ‘Challenger’ EP is an exploration of sound, leaning into the excitement of songwriting. The EP begins with ‘Comafera,’ showcasing INOV8’s breathtaking vocals alongside an entirely orchestral intro. The song builds for two and a half minutes before diving into an epic and ethereal drop. With the stage set, ‘Back Up,’ ‘Challenger’ with The Living Proof, and ‘Babeth’ continue the high energy while maintaining an ethereal, adventurous grounding. ‘Aurora’ was written amidst a sudden burst of creativity, and takes the listener on an engaging break from the intensity of the previous songs. The final track on the EP, ‘Winter,’ ends this musical adventure on a more emotional level. Featuring my own vocals, I wrote the song about the loss of my mother when I was eight years old, and the wish that she could have been here to see the man I’ve become today. It may be a bittersweet conclusion, but what better way is there to end a story than with a ballad of the journey? I’m so proud to be sharing this music with everyone, and I hope they enjoy the adventure I have attempted to lay out before them.”

Originally from San Diego but currently operating out of Prescott, Arizona, EVEREN MAXWELL is a producer who pulls inspiration from fantasy literature, folk tales, and nomadic journeys to create a sound he describes as “music for adventurers.” His breakout track “Warbringer” with TheFatRat and Lindsey Sterling has amassed over 8.7 million streams. He has received radio support via Phoenix Radio (ILLENIUM), Call of the Wild (Monstercat), Interdimensional Radio (Chime & Ace Aura), SiriusXM (Circus Records Takeover), and Circus Mixtape (Flux Pavilion & Doctor P). Last year, he brought his signature sound on the road as a special guest for Ace Aura’s ‘Crystal Coalition’ Tour with stops in Denver, Minneapolis, and Dallas.

Spanning an array of soundscapes and emotions, ‘Challenger’ takes listeners on an epic sonic adventure.

EVEREN MAXWELL’s new EP ‘Challenger’ is available on all platforms via Heaven Sent.