EXCLUSIVE: Juelz Santana’s Album Is Officially Dropping In January

Hip-Hop was left in a frenzy when Juelz Santana was released from jail back in 2020. Since then, fans of The Diplomats have been asking one question: when are we getting new music?!

Most recently, Cam’ron and Ma$e stopped by the Million Dollaz Worth of Game podcast to discuss how Juelz Santana is not reaching his full potential as a rapper. Ma$e even makes a bold statement that the “There it Go” rapper could have been on par with Jay Z’s GOATness, stating he “could’ve been Hov level.”

Cam’ron agreed: “Real talk, he had it. And he had it at a young age. He could’ve been the leader of everything that’s going outside right now. He could’ve been all these young ni**as’ father, uncle, whatever you wanna call it. The chicks liked him, he could rap, he was fly. He had every element you needed to be that ni**a.”


They then go into why exactly Juelz isn’t reaching his full potential.

“To me, Juelz, I wouldn’t say [had] poor work ethic, but I’m not sure why,” Cam’ron continues. “Juelz is sitting there with 300 songs in his hard drive, and won’t put it out.”

The Source had the pleasure of catching up with Juelz Santana at the B.B. Simon booth at Complexcon, asking when exactly we can expect new music.

Juelz Santana states, “January, my album is dropping officially. I promise you, January.”