EXCLUSIVE: Kanye West Stalked By Former Trainer While On Family Vacation

While in Dubai with his kids during the Thanksgiving holiday, YE found himself in an unexpected situation.
Harley Pasternak, the ex-trainer who drugged and advocated to institutionalize YE in recent years, has recently showed up multiple times in different locations throughout Dubai. YE began to seem uncomfortable at the realization that Harley was tailing him. Once confronted by members of YE’s traveling team, Harley began to aggressively taunt and provoke Ye who documented all of this on his iPhone.

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Harley Pasternak

Harley Pasternak
Text Kanye received from Harley Pasternak

Harley has been quite vocal about his intent to institutionalize the Chicago native and this proves he’s keeping tabs and stalking YE.. Following someone across the world also is a testament to his character showing boundaries. Acting irate and showing this kind of behavior while West enjoy’s his children on holiday while they take a break from the spotlight of Los Angeles.

In recent years, Harley has been connected in association to Mac Miller, Brittany Murphy and Aaron Carter. In fact, Aaron Carter called West only two days prior to his passing, warning him about Harley.


YE reached out to Tucker Carlson regarding the situation. Tucker sent his best, and responded by saying he will send some government assistance, knowing that Harley is in Dubai behaving sporadically.

Stay tuned for more updates!

Fast forward to the 12:35 mark, thoughts?

Watch Ye and Tucker’s interview below.