Expect a Drake ‘Pull Up’ With Joe Budden in 2020

Joe Budden took to Instagram Live last night and was unexpectedly joined by Drake. The two have had their own beef in the past, with Joe dropping some diss tracks towards the OVO honcho. Based on last night’s live, that is all squashed. It all began with Drake’s friendly troll in Joe’s comments.

“Joe move a girl into his crib after a decent sleepover,” wrote Drake.

Joe fired back with troll efforts of his own by mentioning Drake’s lack of trust for women in his 2011 track, “Lord Knows.”

“You stole out a girl’s purse when she went to the bathroom in the first two bars of one of the hardest rap songs you’ve ever made, said Joe while laughing hysterically.

Joe then questions which compartment with Drizzy responding with “the side zipper. After a back and forth, Drake finally hops on Live.

According to Joe, he has hung out with other OVO contemporaries, except for the “When To Stay When” rapper.

“You’re the only one that, like, avoids me for some strange reason,” said Joe.

“Never avoid you,” responded Drake. “I just don’t see you. We’re never in the same place.”

“Cause I’m too broke?” asked Joe.

“I didn’t want to say it,” Drake responded while laughing.

Joe then asks when will he get his exclusive sit down the 6 God, especially after his Christmas interview with Elliot Wilson and B.Dot of Rap Radar. The “Nonstop” rapper promises to do so “when the album is ready.”