FDA: Trucks Used to Store Bodies of Coronavirus Victims Can Still Be Used for Food Transport

With many states reopening and lifting their stay at home restrictions, some people are skeptical of the government’s objective of keeping the country’s citizens safe. The record number of deaths during the pandemic has forced hospitals and funeral homes to utilize food transport vehicles to store bodies of the victims of COVID-19 and now the Food And Drug Administration has released a guide on how to clean food transport vehicles that were rented for “preservation of human remains” related to coronavirus patients.

According to the FDA guide, when using vehicles used to transport bodies of people who died from the Coronavirus, it says, “Refrigerated food transport vehicles and refrigerated food storage units used for the temporary preservation of human remains during the COVID-19 pandemic subsequently can be safely used for food transport and food storage under certain circumstances.”

The guide goes on to say that “It is important that food is protected during transport and storage to ensure food is safe for humans and animals and that conditions do not exist that may adulterate the food. Before returning to service to transport or store human or animal food, refrigerated food transport vehicles and refrigerated food storage units used to hold human remains during the COVID-19 pandemic should be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected.”

The guide also states that any truck “permeated by offensive odors that cannot be eliminated through cleaning and disinfecting,” are vehicles that should be no longer be used.