FORTELLA Unveils New Uplifting Track “Daylight”

In the new Dance music generation, breakthrough talent FORTELLA has launched her latest track “Daylight”.

The new release of the British-Norwegian DJ and producer is an exciting introduction to the upcoming summer season, with the perfect upbeat tech-house rhythm to dance the night away.

“Daylight” is a promising hit for the warmer seasons ahead, bringing house and techno elements to create a catchy and powerful beat. The song opens with an energetic build up, followed by memorable lyrics exclaiming “we got one day, one night, it’s just so hot let’s freak till the daylight.” The track radiates a true contagious energy with its pulsing and sensual beats, capturing the essence of vibrant summer nights. “Daylight” gives listeners an irresistible urge to dance, making it a great addition to any party playlist.

FORTELLA shares: “I’m very excited that my new release ‘Daylight’ comes out on women’s Day. This is a very important day for me, for obvious reasons: I am a female DJ in a heavily male dominated industry. But being a female vocalist, I am very excited to bring out this track on this special day!

FORTELLA’s music is a prime illustration of how modern electronic music is pushing boundaries. Following her latest release Mon Chéri ft vocalist Anais as well as her long-coming hits Get Up Off the Floor and Still (I Got Summer on My Mind) FORTELLA showcases that she is a true master in the genre of tech-house, fusing both styles together and crafting a one-of-a-kind dancefloor experience. With the release of “Daylight” FORTELLA is poised to get people up on their feet and moving to the rhythm of her Dance hits, with “Daylight” being the latest addition to FORTELLA’s outstanding catalog.

“Daylight” is out now on all platforms via Virgin Records