Future’s Freewishes Foundation Secures Assistance For Senior Adults Impacted By Covid-19

Future and his  Freewishes foundation have been in overdrive since Covid 19 hit.  They initiated the first Mask On campaign back in March that serviced around 100,000 doctors, healthcare workers, patients and families. 

We followed up with the Covid-19 I’m Still A Dreamer scholarship giveaway for incoming freshmen impacted by covid 19.  We have now started a new campaign for Senior Citizens in metro Atlanta impacted by Covid.   

For 10 years, Future and his Freewishes foundation have curated events targeting the health and wellness of seniors and assisting them in all areas of their lives. Covid-19 changed everything this year but unlike many organizations, Future refused to cancel his health and wellness initiatives for seniors. Although covid prevented the annual Senior Health and Fitness day from happening in its traditional format, Freewishes remained committed to  the seniors. 

Future decided that  he would have his foundation assist seniors by coming to them instead- with the Freewishes Wellness on Wheels campaigns. This Friday, Future and Freewishes kicked off one of many wellness on wheels dates at the Eastlake ymca. Freewishes provided health kits, food, masks, essential items  and health support for seniors. Future and the foundation  will keep his wellness on wheels campaign going for the rest of the year in selected locations.