Hadaddi von Engst Returns With ‘The BIG’ Featuring A Huge Mollono.Bass Remix

In the sprawling urban canvas of Los Angeles, where the heartbeat of creativity reverberates through the cityscape, emerges the collaborative brilliance of Haddadi Von Engst.

The dynamic duo, hailing from this pulsating metropolis, unveils their latest sonic expedition, ‘The BIG.’ This EP, marking their fifth collaboration with the esteemed Canadian label, ventures boldly into Afro-infused beats, weaving a distinctive musical odyssey that echoes the city’s eclectic spirit.

As the collaborative journey with Haddadi Von Engst unfolds, ‘The BIG’ not only extends their prolific discography but also stands as a testament to their unyielding commitment to sonic craftsmanship. It is a manifestation of their tireless pursuit of dancefloor perfection, a rhythmic narrative that pulsates with the energy of their hometown.

Setting itself apart, this release intertwines with the electronic mastery of North-Eastern Germany’s own maestro, Mollono.Bass. His remix breathes new life into the original track, infusing it with clubby Tech elements and rhythmic drum work, elevating ‘The BIG’ into a remix that defies expectations. The synergy between Haddadi Von Engst and Mollono.Bass transcends the boundaries of a typical EP; it becomes a fusion of artistic prowess and collaborative brilliance.

The result is an EP that stretches beyond the confines of conventional electronic music. It beckons listeners on an immersive journey through genres, seamlessly weaving between Afro and deep house influences. In the vibrant echo of Los Angeles, ‘The BIG’ emerges as more than a musical creation; it is a dynamic exploration, an invitation to experience the intersection of diverse genres and the collective heartbeat of a city that breathes life into the music it inspires.