Highly Disrespectful! Melania Trump Statue Torched in Her Hometown

Apparently, First Lady, Melania Trump isn’t as beloved as she once was in her hometown.

A wooden sculpture of Melania Trump was found torched near her hometown of Sevnica, Slovenia.

On top of that, it was done the night of the Fourth of July!

Brad Downey, a Berlin-based American artist who commissioned the sculpture, had the now disfigured sculpture removed as soon as police informed him of the incident on July 5th.

“I want to know why they did it,” said Downey to Zee News.

He hoped the statue would foster a dialogue about immigration policy in the United States. Melania Trump is an immigrant that is married to a president sworn to reduce immigration.

President Donald Trump has pledged to take a hard line on anyone destroying or vandalizing federal monuments. This is in response to the police brutality movement and political activism against racial injustice.

Downey filed a police report but would like to interview the people responsible for a film he is shooting ahead of his Slovenian exhibition in September.

“The investigation in this case has not been completed yet so we cannot reveal details due to the interest of further procedures,” police spokeswoman Alenka Drenik told Reuters.

The statue’s face was rough-hewn and unrecognizable prior to the fire. The statue was painted with a pale blue wraparound coat resembling the one Melania Trump wore at Trump’s swearing in.

The figure was carved with a chainsaw from the trunk of a living linden tree.

In January, a large wooden statue resembling Donald Trump was burnt in Slovenia`s city of Moravce.