Jacob Colon Unveils New Single, ‘Gotta Prove’

Jacob Colon unleashes the energy with his new Tech House track, ‘Gotta Prove’, released through his label Made To Move Records.

With this latest release, Jacob Colon showcases his signature sound that continues to draw listeners in; a style that is inherently rooted in House music whilst blending in Latin elements with intoxicating beats and grooves, Jacob Colon’s music brings exciting vibes, resonating with listeners worldwide.

Having carved a path that continues to see him establishing a reputation on the Electronic Music scene, gaining recognition through each of his creative pursuits, whether treating fans to studio productions or lighting up the airwaves with episodes of his radio show ‘Made To Move’, Jacob Colon keeps showcasing a captivating artistry. With a musical background, playing in bands and touring with music ranging from Gospel to Jazz to R&B, Jacob Colon now integrates his wide range of influences into a bold sonic identity, original and funky in vibes: a signature to him, Jacob Colon’s dancefloor-ready music is sure to take his name to exciting ground, cementing him as a talent to keep an eye on.

‘Gotta Prove’ introduces listeners to its high-energy sound, opening with an infectious vocal hook, atmospheric layers, and shuffled rhythms; as the track moves forward, a pounding beat keeps the danceable vibes high with Latin-infused elements joining to add Jacob Colon’s signature touch. The soundscape then becomes detailed with a crisp synth lead, as the dark low end and vocal textures add to the full-bodied sound of ‘Gotta Prove’. As the track reaches the breakdown, Jacob Colon keeps the listening experience engaging, incorporating filtered elements and intensifying risers that guide towards the drop, returning with the enthralling vibes as the beat, catchy vocal lines, and melodic riff re-enter.

A track that no doubt places Jacob Colon’s talents and distinct creativity on display, ‘Gotta Prove’ comes as a fresh addition to Jacob Colon’s catalogue, standing out with its groovy energy and colourful sound. So, be sure to discover the vibrant dynamism of Jacob Colon’s latest track for yourself: out now via Made To Move Records and available to stream and download across platforms.