Jessica Audiffred And GG Magree Unleash Electronic Rendition Of No Doubt’s “Don’t Speak”

Bass maestro Jessica Audiffred and powerhouse singer-songwriter GG Magree today pay homage to iconic rock band No Doubt before the band reunites at Coachella Music Festival, with an electronic take on “Don’t Speak” via Monstercat Uncaged.

No Doubt has solidified their status as a cultural ground stone across multiple generations, with their influence continuing to resonate strongly in today’s musical landscape. Their multi-platinum, Grammy-nominated, chart-topping record “Don’t Speak” stands as a generational anthem, still capable of igniting spirits among crowds in today’s era. As No Doubt prepares to reunite after nearly a decade at Coachella Music Festival next month, their legacy continues to withstand the test of time – highlighted by Jessica Audiffred and GG Magree’s powerful electronic cover of “Don’t Speak,” which adds a modern twist to the band’s timeless classic.

Jessica Audiffred and GG Magree were driven by their deep admiration for Gwen Stefani and her groundbreaking impact on their musical journeys. As Jessica and GG resonate with Gwen’s artistic essence and look up to her as a female trailblazer, reimagining “Don’t Speak” felt inevitable with their shared respect and personal connection to the record as young women. “Don’t Speak” had a significant impact on Jessica growing up; Gwen Stefani’s stage presence was captivating, and as a young child watching it on TV, it inspired her to aspire to that same level of edginess and originality. Evoking nostalgia for GG, she recalls experiencing a breakup and finding a newfound sense of empowerment as a woman when she first listened to the record – nodding to Gwen’s strength and powerful persona portrayed in the music.

Jessica’s electrifying bass production has taken her to become the 1st female dubstep act to headline the iconic Hollywood Palladium and founder of Mexico’s first bass festival, Mad House: DOOM, and GG’s powerful vocal and guitar skills, the duo transformed the iconic ’90s hit into a bold genre-bending statement that pushes the boundaries of what’s possible in electronic music. The accompanying music video showcases the behind the scenes of Jessica and GG making the record, while the duo ride around Los Angeles in a 1968 Buick LeSabre.

Jessica Audiffred shares, “I’ll always remember “Don’t Speak” specifically because the lyrics were so simple yet so impactful at the same time. Gwen has always been able to deliver in that way. I’ve always wanted to create a fun style of Bass that people want to hear over and over again and that makes them happy. I feel like this cover creates such a special atmosphere in my sets and I love how the audience sings along, it creates very memorable moments.”

GG Magree adds, “Jessica and I wanted to make the classic hit “Don’t Speak” uniquely ours and have listeners hear it through a different context. We still wanted to have listeners cling to the original melody of the song with the guitars, however, I wanted to hit it with a more grungy, raspy tone. This cover embodies mine and Jessica’s love for bass music combined with our 90s punk roots. I mean who doesn’t love No Doubt.”

As Forbes once said, Jessica Audiffred is shaking up the bass music scene with multiple accolades that echo her impact. Garnering the praise of tastemakers such as Skrillex, Excision, Flux Pavillion, her collaborations with DIESEL on “NO FEAR” and Adventure Club on “You Found Me” further underscore her artistic prowess. Her global footprint spans renowned festivals like EDC (Las Vegas and Mexico) and Tomorrowland, cementing her momentous stage presence. Beyond the live circuit, Jessica Audiffred’s influence extends as an Adidas ambassador in Mexico and championing female empowerment through collaborative ventures like Adidas’ ‘Live Session’ events and pop-ups.

GG Magree remains a powerful force in the realm of rocktronic, channeling her raw energy and rebellious spirit onto iconic stages such as Coachella, SOFI Stadium as a guest appearance for Illenium, Lollapalooza, and Ultra Music Festival. She’s also worked with Seven Lions, Zeds Dead, NGHTMRE, and Sullivan King. Last year, GG released her documentary film Dead Hot with Vanessa Hudgens on Tubi, where the two dive deep into the art of witchcraft in Salem, Massachusetts, serving as a coming-of-age story through feminine power and sisterhood. Through her unapologetic lyrics and mesmerizing stage performances, she ignites an intensity that empowers the current generation to embrace their individuality, celebrate their sexuality, and boldly break free from societal norms.

Fans can catch Jessica live this summer at her Lollapalooza, Bonnaroo, and Breakaway festival debuts, as well as EDC Las Vegas, Tomorrowland, Beyond Wonderland, Forbidden Kingdom, Ubbi Dubbi, and Jessica’s own annual headline event MAD HOUSE: ASYLUM on June 21st in her hometown Mexico City. GG will also be gracing the stage at Ubbi Dubbi in May.