Jim Jones Isn’t Ready To Make Peace With Ma$e: ‘Go Say Some Prayers’


While being a guest on The Breakfast Club this week, Charlamagne and asked Jim Jones if he was interested in doing a biopic for his group The Diplomats, which led to him discussing his relationship with Ma$e and Cam’ron.

Jim spoke about his days as a young man when both Ma$e and Cam lived with Jim and his grandmother after getting kicked out of school. However, when asked how his relationship is with the Harlem World rapper today, Jones responded, “I don’t care about Ma$e,” he said. “I don’t care for Ma$e too much. Tell Ma$e go say some prayers.”

Cam and Ma$e have reconciled whatever beef they previously had. So much so that they have recently launched a new show together, “It Is What It Is”. 


Jim has been more vocal about his up and downs with Cam’ron. In his latest album, Back in My Prime, Jim says the following on “ Status Update”:

“I be in the streets, they are asking where Juelz at / I wouldn’t know the real reason why he fell back,” Jim raps before going into his verse about Cam.
“Been in the cold freezing we would sell crack / Boy, I put some demons in this hellcat / And it’s hard for me and Cam to see eye to eye / I love him, and I still hug him but when I see him it’s like hi and bye. It’s kinda crazy, I thought it was ride or die…next subject.

The streets are still waiting on a Dipset union, especially following The Lox and Dipset showdown on Verzuz. However, by the looks of things, this won’t be happening any time soon.